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Who is James Cormier?

He’s the author of the bestselling young adult novel Exile, the first volume in The Book of Ever, a dystopian science fiction trilogy set in a post-apocalyptic United States.

Jim is an attorney by training and, before leaving practice to write full time, worked primarily in criminal litigation.  He served as an Assistant District Attorney in Massachusetts for several years before going into private practice.

In 2012 he left his legal career to pursue a lifelong dream of writing fiction, particularly fantasy and science fiction.  He’s currently working on both the sequel to Exile, an entirely new epic fantasy novel for adults, and a steampunk serial novel that you can read for free on Wattpad.

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So I’ve just finished The Dragonbone Chair, and have moved on to Stone of Farewell in my Great Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn ReRead.  You can read my first post on the subject here. Basically, I’m rereading the series in preparation for the release of The Heart of What Was Lost, an interim novel set between To Green Angel Tower and… Read More

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Fellow author, #SPFBO contestant, and Fantasy Faction staff writer extraordinaire G.R. Matthews graciously interviewed me for his blog feature 10 Quick Questions with Indie Authors.  Go check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.  It’s full of jewels like GMA:To steal (paraphrase) from Rod Stewart, what do you wish that you know now, you knew when you started… Read More

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It occurred to me recently that one’s personal library truly does tell a story all its own. While cleaning out two storage units I rent and consolidating them into one, I ended up throwing out a lot of junk.  What I didn’t get rid of was books–hundreds of them, stored in cardboard boxes and stacked… Read More

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I wrote a Tweety thing about Apple and the FBI. Here’s the thing about Apple vs. the FBI: this isn’t nearly as unique or important an issue as some would have you believe. — Jim Cormier (@jcormier) February 22, 2016 Most major corporate interests, Apple included, regularly cooperate with law enforcement to provide info on… Read More

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There’s a lot of defeatist thought making the rounds in the Democratic Party right now.  Articles like this one, talking about why Bernie Sanders couldn’t be an effective president, are par for the course among Hillary Clinton supporters.  Just google “Sanders Clinton pragmatist idealist” or some variation thereof and start reading.  The dichotomy is hardly… Read More

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  I want to eat when the fire’s done I want to dance when the bulls have run Other side of the hard day’s sun The water’s coming to a boil   I want to ask when the bills are paid Do the work of my father’s day See the road from a dead highway… Read More

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Reviews of Exile: The Book of Ever Part 1

What Readers Are Saying About 'Exile'

Really entertaining.  A rich, well crafted world.

I just finished the Divergent series and decided to take a chance on this one. What a great read!

The world that Cormier builds is hostile and unforgiving, and he paints it with descriptive, affecting writing.

The unexpected twists were SO good. I thought that this was going to be a journey book (which is part of why I picked it up, because I’m a HUGE fan of survival and journey stories) and while it was, it wasn’t in the way I thought it was going to be. I thought I had it pegged and then there were two twists that made me SO happy that this WASN’T predictable and made me love it even more…

The book isn’t heavy on romance, but man, when things did come together I felt that flutter that I get when two characters I’m rooting for finally kiss. –★★★★★, Read the full review

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