On the Tongue Tonight


I want to eat when the fire’s done

I want to dance when the bulls have run

Other side of the hard day’s sun

The water’s coming to a boil


I want to ask when the bills are paid

Do the work of my father’s day

See the road from a dead highway

The water’s coming to a boil


Cause there ain’t one way to live in the dark tonight

Life is long and the fire’s bright

The trees don’t lie when the wind goes by

Water of life’s on the tongue tonight


Bring the dog if you must, all right

The world don’t wait on your trust, old wight

I can’t think what the future might

The water’s coming to a boil


Cause there’s nothing to say that has been said

And campfire coffee after the world’s short end

And when your mother father declares the world won’t end


Bring ’em back to the fire

I want to walk in the fire

The books are in the fire

They’re dancing in the fire