Upcoming Projects

Here’s a list of what I’m working on, in case you were wondering:

  1. Exile: The Book of Ever, the first in a trilogy of postapocalyptic young adult science fiction novels, forthcoming from Evil Toad Press.  The book’s done and out to my beta readers.  The release date’s looking like late summer or early fall, at this point.  I’ll be posting a cover reveal and a blurb here soon, so stay tuned for more on this one.
  2. The Akkian Mass (working title), an in-progress swordpunk novel.  You can read the first two chapters for free right here.  I’m not sure when this one will be done yet, but I’m hoping to release it in fourth quarter 2014 or first quarter 2015.
  3. Children of the Taking, my in-progress epic fantasy.  This is book one of a series of as-yet undetermined length.  I’m a solid one-third of the way through the story and have about 70,000 words written.  This promises to be a long one (I’d be very surprised if it clocks in at under 200K words) so it’s possible “Book One” will end up becoming Books One and Two.  Story usually happens in a very traditional three act structure for me, on both macro and micro levels, but it’s not always possible to predict how long each of those acts for me.  I conceived of this series as a trilogy, but it might turn out to need more space than that.
  4. A variety of short stories, some for submission to online magazines, and a couple for a book I’m working jointly on with P.J. Fox.  If you liked her novel The Demon of Darkling Reach, you’re probably going to like this project too, so stay tuned.
  5. Book Two of The Book of Ever.  I need a break from Ever and Co. before I jump into writing the sequel, so I’ll be working on one or all of the above projects for the rest of the summer (unless Ever demands attention).

There’s always a long list of other ideas on the back burner, of course, but these are the projects that are primarily taking up my attention at the moment.

Crazy Natural Location Inspirations


To steal a concept from my friend P.J. Fox, who often posts images of her location inspirations on her Facebook page, here’s an excellent article from Cracked.com feature seven incredible natural features you won’t believe aren’t fake.


‘The Price of Desire’ by P.J. Fox

I’m hijacking my own blog to share a book and an author that are very close to my heart with all of you. The Price of Desire by P.J. Fox came out this month from Evil Toad Press. It’s available at Amazon and other major retailers.  You can learn more about it below, at http://www.pjfoxwrites.com, or by following P.J. Fox on Twitter.  Here’s what I said about it for Evil Toad Press:

Evil Toad Press

The Price of Desire by P.J. Fox Available now at Amazon.com!

The Price of Desire, Book One of The House of Light and Shadow, by P.J. Fox, is available now at Amazon.com and other major online retailers!  Click the image to the left to buy it now.

The Price of Desire is military science fiction at its finest.  It’s a story of two people–a psychologically damaged Imperial naval commander and the woman he rescues from slavers while en route to an assignment meant to end his career–finding a common fate against a backdrop of galactic imperialism, war, and revolt.

The planet Tarsonis, to which Kisten Mara Sant was dispatched following an ill-advised assault on his uncle, the Imperial Chancellor, on the Senate floor, is a mining world chafing at the bit of imperial rule.  As a Prince of the Blood and the scion of a powerful family, Kisten’s sentence was commuted to exile: exile on a distant, troubled…

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