Interviewed by Fantasy Book Critic

Mihir Wanchoo of Fantasy Book Critic interviewed me and several other SPFBO participants recently.  Click here to read part one of the interview.

Here’s a snippet:

Q] What were your expectations going into it and now that the first round is nearly over, what are your thoughts?

JC: My expectations for how well my own book would do weren’t terribly high, mostly because of what I perceived at the time as potential conflicts of taste–even after I decided that it was definitely fantasy, and that it therefore was eligible to be part of the contest, I still worried that the fact that it was in no way traditional epic fantasy (which seemed to be the bread and butter of most everyone involved) might hold it back. That aside, I was confident that anyone who read it with an open mind would enjoy the experience, and I’m very pleased with how well it’s been received, particularly for my first novel.

I’ve been absolutely thrilled to see how well it’s done: it’s one of Fantasy Faction’s top three in the first round. Even if it doesn’t move forward, I’ll always have the thrill of knowing that my novel got a good review on one of the biggest fantasy sites on the web.


Interviewed by C.A. Guardiola

A Twitter friend of mine, C.A. Guardiola, recently invited me to participate in an interview for an author spotlight on his blog, Write Away.  His questions were very thoughtful and interesting, and it was a pleasure to talk with him.

So it’s time to spin the dial and let the arrow land on a fellow writer who toils ceaselessly for love of the craft: the author of YA, fantasy and pretty much anything that he finds interesting: James D. Cormier.

I met Jim on Twitter a few months ago and followed him into that hell of an alternate universe called Ello, where we are still slogging through the mud trying to convince ourselves that it’s Normandy on D-Day instead of wet sand in the see-saw area of the local park.

You can read the entire interview here.