GenCon Writer’s Symposium Slim on Self-Publishing Content

2014.Writers.LogoAuthor Blair MacGregor posted some great thoughts on this year’s GenCon Writer’s Symposium, which again features lackluster coverage of self-publishing in its panel and content line-up:

One presentation is called, “Self or Traditional: Pros and Cons of Each.” The other is, “Self-Publishing: Why It Works, Why It” (I’m assuming the cut-off word on the schedule is “Doesn’t).

Yes, in the year that SFWA — derided as so out-of-touch — at last opened its membership to income-earning self-published writers, the Writer’s Symposium believes the most pressing questions writers have about self-publishing is whether it’s good or bad.

There are no “Business of Self-Publishing” panels. Nothing on what tasks are involved in producing print and ebooks. Nothing on connecting with editing, art, and design professionals. Nothing at all on avoiding the numerous businesses out there intending to fleece writers. Yes, there are a couple general panels that could be of use to self-publishers. However, last year’s seemingly cross-applicable panels — such as the panel on seeking professional reviews — included direct “don’t bother if you’re self-published” references, so… yeah. Not hopeful about that.

SFWA’s change in membership requirements was a pleasant surprise, but con schedules like this one show that the traditional publishing establishment’s acceptance of self-publishing has a long way to go.

The 2015 GenCon Writers Symposium is happening this summer from July 30th to August 2nd at the Indianapolis Convention Center.  Who’s going?  Anyone having thoughts similar to Blair’s?  Anyone have any con experiences as a self-published or aspiring author they’d like to share?