Exile: The Book of Ever (Volume 1)

The Fall was only the beginning.

Exile by James Cormier

Available now for Kindle and in trade paperback on Amazon.com.

She saw the great ruins of the cities of the Old People, carpeted in rust and green and crawling with Damned.

She saw Jared in pain, and the children of Bountiful, Dallin and Airie among them, naked and wild-eyed, living like animals in the forest.

She saw the walls of Bountiful, riven and burnt, a horde of Marmacks rushing through the breach to terrorize the faithful within. 

Then she woke up, to screaming and the smell of smoke.

 An epic journey across the Devastation begins…

Exile is the first volume of author James Cormier’s young adult dystopian science fiction series The Book of Ever, set in a ravaged, post-apocalyptic United States.  Exile was a semi-finalist in Mark Lawrence’s Great Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (#SPFBO).  Fans of The Hunger Games and Ann Aguirre’s Enclave series will love this fast-paced tale of adventure and survival.

Centuries after the Fall, the United States has been wiped away.  The crumbling remains of the great American empire are home now only to savage, lawless tribes and packs of ravening Damned—the twisted children of the apocalypse.  Most of those few who survived humanity’s destruction spend their short lives in a violent struggle for survival.  But some light still flickers in the darkness: the Blessed of Bountiful live in seclusion, relying on walls both physical and spiritual to protect them from the Desolation that their world has become.  Among them are the Saints, those few men and women born with superhuman abilities that the Blessed see as gifts from God.

The violent apostate tribes of the Northeast Kingdom have always been a danger, but up until recently its small size and the vigilance of its people have made Bountiful an unappealing target.  As attacks on the community grow harsher and more frequent, however, even the steadfast Blessed are forced to start preparing for the worst.

With her home’s very existence threatened, seventeen year old Ever Oaks, a Saint with the power to heal, is forced to make a difficult choice, one that may come to define her people’s future…

What people are saying about Exile

“[G]rabbed my attention right away…well thought out and well executed…extremely cool.” — Fantasy Faction

“The amount of detail that Cormier put into this book was amazing. […] The main character Ever was wonderful…the kind of girl you want on your side. […] The characters themselves were extremely well written. […] More than just a story, a journey and an experience.” –★★★★, Bookish Lifestyle

“The unexpected twists were SO good. I thought that this was going to be a journey book (which is part of why I picked it up, because I’m a HUGE fan of survival and journey stories) and while it was, it wasn’t in the way I thought it was going to be. I thought I had it pegged and then there were two twists that made me SO happy that this WASN’T predictable and made me love it even more…

The book isn’t heavy on romance, but man, when things did come together I felt that flutter that I get when two characters I’m rooting for finally kiss.” –★★★★★, Cherry Blossoms & Maple Syrup

“The world that Cormier builds is hostile and unforgiving, and he paints it with descriptive, affecting writing.” — J. Linson

“A really amazing dystopian tale…of good against evil.  [O]ne of the best I’ve read lately, perfect for all sci-fi and fantasy lovers.” — Marie V.

“Really entertaining.  A rich, well crafted world.” — Pricilla Benton

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    • Amy,

      Thank you SO much! I really appreciate the feedback. I’ve started reading your blog and am enjoying it. I’m outlining the sequel now and plan on starting to write soon. I’ll keep you updated via the blog. If you have the time, I’d love it if you could leave a brief review on Amazon–I can’t thank you enough for your support!



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  10. Pingback: ‘Exile’ Is FREE November 19th – 23rd! | James Cormier

    • Probably second or third quarter 2016, at this point. I’m afraid a couple of other projects have taken precedence, at the moment, but I anticipate being able to finish them up over the winter and spring. Thanks for your interest! I’m currently running a free serial over on Wattpad called The Doktor’s Spyglass, if you’re looking for something to read right now.


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