The Doktor’s Spyglass

Epic fantasy meets steampunk noir.

When an eccentric inventor is reported dead, consulting detective Irik Thijis is called in to investigate. He soon discovers that Doktor Keynish Helg is not as dead as he seems, and that something much stranger than simple murder is afoot.

The Inspection Service of the holy city of Oridos is about as useful as a horseless carriage when it comes to solving crimes, and Thijis is used to sorting out their cases for them. But what he discovers lurking in the Doktor’s mansion soon finds them all out of their depth.

As Thijis probes deeper into his strangest case yet, he realizes that blood and death are only the opening gambit in a play that may cost him not only his livelihood, but his life.

The Doktor’s Spyglass is an online serial published on Wattpad.  

New episodes are posted twice a week on Wattpad.  I usually end up writing about a half-chapter at a time, which I upload to Wattpad as it’s finished.    

You can also read new chapters right here as they are completed — see the Table of Contents to the right!  These will only be updated when each chapter is complete, so Wattpad is still the quickest way to see the newest additions to the story!



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