The Pizza Hut Salad Bar Experience That Is Ello

optimizedSo I’m on Ello now.  A Twitter acquaintance had a spare invite and sent it my way.  The experience to this point has been kind of dull, aside from the general excitement inherent in trying out a new app.  I sent an invite, in turn, to another Twitter friend of mine, who used Ello for a few days before asking me what I thought of it.  I said I thought it was barely functional and thus not terribly useful at the moment.  He didn’t find the user experience very intuitive, and then had this to say:

[tweet 518611894975094784 hide_thread=’true’ align=’center’] [tweet 518613727348666370 hide_thread=’true’ align=’center’] [tweet 518615554366504960 hide_thread=’true’ align=’center’]

You can find me on Ello at  I’ve got a couple of invites left.  If anyone’s interested, let me know in the comments.

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