‘The Price of Desire’ by P.J. Fox

I’m hijacking my own blog to share a book and an author that are very close to my heart with all of you. The Price of Desire by P.J. Fox came out this month from Evil Toad Press. It’s available at Amazon and other major retailers.  You can learn more about it below, at http://www.pjfoxwrites.com, or by following P.J. Fox on Twitter.  Here’s what I said about it for Evil Toad Press:

Evil Toad Press

The Price of Desire by P.J. Fox Available now at Amazon.com!

The Price of Desire, Book One of The House of Light and Shadow, by P.J. Fox, is available now at Amazon.com and other major online retailers!  Click the image to the left to buy it now.

The Price of Desire is military science fiction at its finest.  It’s a story of two people–a psychologically damaged Imperial naval commander and the woman he rescues from slavers while en route to an assignment meant to end his career–finding a common fate against a backdrop of galactic imperialism, war, and revolt.

The planet Tarsonis, to which Kisten Mara Sant was dispatched following an ill-advised assault on his uncle, the Imperial Chancellor, on the Senate floor, is a mining world chafing at the bit of imperial rule.  As a Prince of the Blood and the scion of a powerful family, Kisten’s sentence was commuted to exile: exile on a distant, troubled…

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